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Studio Sans was born in 2017. The graphic design studio is located in Berchem (Antwerp). For 5 years we have been passionately helping new and existing companies to create their identity. Working together with the client to create a brand that stands out, that is our motivation.

Studio who? Sans, yes.

Who are the faces behind this graphic studio?

Larissa Van Puyenbroeck /

Graphic designer

I started Studio Sans 5 years ago out of a passion for graphic design and helping people. Using the right skills and learning from clients who are experts in their field completely matched my curiosity.

Meanwhile, Studio Sans grew as a Graphic Design Studio with a collective of different professionals in their field and we work together, with great energy and passion, on beautiful projects.

Right, and how do you roll?



You can’t build a brand if you don’t know the brand and the people behind it. That’s why we first start with an introductory meeting to get to know each other better and make a time estimation.

The next step is where the magic happens! Want to know more? Let’s schedule an introductory meeting to discuss further working methods. As a design studio we do custom work and give each project the same attention.

Creative Process

Our approach

Getting to know each other is step one! A first meeting is a must-have for a good and successful partnership! In this meeting, we activate your creativity and we think together about the possibilities. We define the big lines to make a tailored-made proposal that is fitting your needs.

Before we start to write your story, we have a specific meeting to discuss design and technical needs. In this meeting, we listen again to your needs, but we dig deeper. We listen to who your target audience is, your mission and vision, your objectives and the direction you want to go. We draw the big and more specific lines to use as a roadmap for the journey we are starting together.

The next step is the nicest part! Designing your project. It’s a creative process that will take up to 2-4 weeks depending on which project we are working on. Designing a brand identity will start with an inspiring workshop where we search for possible directions, ideas and mood boards. After the creative phase, we start with the conceptual phase. We work on the concept, search for fonts and colours. From these concepts, we choose some directions that we define to the details.

Finalising the design based on your feedback and ideas. Your feedback is gold, we listen and align the proposal with your feedback ideas.

In the last phase, we are delivering all files and Read-to-Go documents. We are collecting all necessary documents and files in a folder for you. Depending on the project you are getting guidelines on how to use your logo, identity, or website.

work some
magic together!


Ready to map out a route together? We are!