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Website building

Website building

Indispensable in your communication plan is a website. Using the latest platforms and features, we design a website that is user-friendly, can be found on Google and contains the right functionalities. Together we look for what your website should radiate and tell. Put the focus on the interactive, performance or lead generation. Customization is self-evident: we don’t use commonly used templates but design and build the website tailored to your project.

Be found on Google

You may have heard of the infamous term SEO. Search engine optimization is improving your position on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) by writing the right copy, using the right technical structure, link-building and much more.

Design process

Designing a website is a process. The first phase is a brainstorm to map out your story and website project. After this, we create wireframes that define your structure. After that we come up with a representation of the design. The next step is the development in WordPress.

WordPress development

WordPress is a CMS system that is easy to work with. The time that building websites was rocket science is long gone. Of course, we will give you an introduction to manage your website without any problems.

work some magic together!