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Terms & Conditions

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  1. The prices of Studio Sans are subject to change. We reserve the right to change them without notice. The price of an offer remains valid when approved.
  2. Studio Sans reserves the right to use the created project for its own portfolio.
  3. Studio Sans has the right to carry out anything that is not explicitly described in a commission agreement according to its own technical and creative discretion.
  4. Changes to the assignment by the other party for whatever reason and pending the execution of the assignment agreement, are at the expense of the other party and will only be executed by Studio Sans after a separate quotation of additional costs has been signed for approval by the other party and returned to Studio Sans.
  5. Delivery dates are given by way of information only and do not bind Studio Sans. Reasonable delays in delivery do not entitle the party to compensation nor to dissolution of the agreement.
  6. When exceeding the final date of payment of the invoice, additional interests will be charged. This amounts to 5% of the total invoice amount per 30 days following the exceeding of the final payment date with an absolute minimum of € 50 excl.
  7. As long as no written agreement is entered into between Studio Sans and the client regarding the transfer of the copyright or the exclusive right of project/design, these rights will remain with Studio Sans.
  8. This quotation is binding from written or verbal approval. In case of cancellation of the assignment from the date of approval, a compensation of 30% of the total amount will be demanded (if the assignment has not yet been completed). If the order is cancelled after the aforementioned order has been completed, compensation of 100% of the total amount will be demanded, with the explicit reservation of the possibility of demanding higher compensation.
  9. If, as a result of force majeure, strike, lockout, etc., we are unable to execute the contract, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without the possibility of claiming any compensation.
  10. Work on websites, applications and other online applications will only begin when the customer has provided sufficient content for this. The failure to deliver the aforementioned content will allow Studio Sans to postpone the foreseen delivery date with a minimum of 2 weeks after delivery of the content.
  11. Studio Sans also reserves the right to consider the agreement terminated by right and without prior notice in the event of bankruptcy, evident insolvency as well as any change in the legal situation of the buyer.
  12. The counterparty will check the offer or invoice from Studio Sans for inaccuracies. If the counterparty has not rejected the invoice in writing, stating legally relevant reasons, within ten working days of the date of the offer or invoice and has not returned it to Studio Sans, the invoice or offer in question will be considered binding between the parties and any right of the counterparty to make a claim lapse.
  13. From electronic, written, or oral confirmation, the conditions and agreements contained under this document are valid.
  14. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer is obliged to pay an advance of 30% of the invoice amount into the account number BE66 0018 1611 5943 of Studio Sans before the start of the work. If this advance is not paid in time, Studio Sans may postpone the works indefinitely. The remaining 70% is payable 30 days after the invoice has been issued.
  15. If and to the extent required for the proper execution of the agreement, Studio Sans has the right to have certain work performed by third parties.
  16. Studio Sans undertakes to carry out all services to be provided with care.

All performances by Studio Sans are means commitments. Studio Sans is not liable for errors in performance due to insufficient or incorrect input by the client. Studio Sans is not liable for gross errors or violations of copyright laws by the other party.

  1. Delivery times of Studio Sans are indicative.
  2. The above terms and conditions may be deviated from by mutual agreement.